Understanding Aerospace Chemical Propulsion

H.S. Mukunda

ISBN: 9789389633443

480 pages

INR 645


Understanding Aerospace Chemical Propulsion is concerned with aeronautical and space chemical propulsion. The book seeks to provide understanding of the propulsion systems through (a) illustrative description of the systems, (b) analysis of modeled systems, (c) examination of the performance of real systems in this light, and (d) provide a comparative assessment of aeronautical and space propulsion system elements wherever relevant. It has eleven chapters covering introduction, specifications, efficiencies, thermos- and gas dynamics, propulsion system analysis, aero-system elements, fuels and performance, rocket combustion process, solid and liquid propulsion systems and combustion instability.

  • Introduction
  • Needs, Specifications
  • The Efficiencies
  • Thermo-Gas Dynamics
  • Air Breathing Propulsion System Analysis
  • System Elements
  • Fuels and Propellants
  • Rocket Combustion Processes
  • Solid Rocket Engine
  • Liquid Rocket Engine
  • Combustion Instability



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