Wiley's ExamXpert ACT Reading Grail

Wiley India

ISBN: 9788126538492

264 pages

INR 499


The Wiley ExamXpert ACT Reading Grail is the only book of its kind that takes care of all your Reading Test related needs and brings you up to speed with everything you need to know in order to attain a high score on the ACT. It ensures that you master the Reading section in a step-by-step manner by first helping you assess your level of preparedness with the help of a diagnostic test so you are aware of your areas of improvement. It then provides you detailed understanding of the major question types tested on the actual test while at the same time equipping you with practical strategies needed to tackle each of the question types.



Section 1 – About the ACT


Section 2 – ACT Reading – Diagnostic Test


Section 3 – The ACT Reading Test


Section 4 – ACT Reading – Question Types


Section 5 – Top 21 Tips to Ace the ACT Reading Test


Section 6 – ACT Reading Practice Sets 1-5


ACT Reading Practice Set – 1

ACT Reading Practice Set – 2

ACT Reading Practice Set – 3

ACT Reading Practice Set – 4

ACT Reading Practice Set – 5

Answers and Explanations


Section 7 – Quick Recall


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