Engineering Drawing with AutoCAD 3ed

B.V.R. Gupta, M. Raja Roy

ISBN: 9789389520705

432 pages

INR 475


Engineering Drawing is a common subject offered in all branches of engineering. It helps one to express his or her ideas into reality through drawing. This book helps both faculty and students to understand the concepts on their own. The book presents the concepts through a step-by-step approach, with important points to remember duly highlighted. Various worked-out examples and problems in the exercises are presented under various categories so that the students can attempt any particular type of problem they want to.


  • Introduction
  • Curves
  • Orthographic projections
  • Projections of points
  • Projections of straight lines
  • Projections of planes
  • Projections using auxiliary planes
  • Projections of solids
  • Projections of sections of solids
  • Development of surfaces of solids
  • Intersection of surfaces of solids
  • Isometric projections
  • Perspective projection
  • Conversion of isometric into orthographic views
  • Computer aided drawing
  • Abbreviations, symbols and notations



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