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A Textbook of Modern Macroeconomics

L.N. Dutta

ISBN: 9789389520521

INR 565


As a modern textbook on macroeconomics, this book thoroughly reviews the existing theories and models on different aspects of macroeconomy. The book attempts to relate abstract theories with their applied aspects. The distinguishing feature of the book is that it has been written largely in the context of Indian macroeconomy with sufficient number of illustrations and empirical evidence. This contrasts glaringly with most textbooks on macroeconomics which have been written chiefly in the context of western developed economies like the US and UK.


  • National income analysis
  • Classical macroeconomics
  • Keynesian macroeconomics
  • The IS-LM system
  • Aggregate demand and aggregate supply: a new model
  • Theory of demand for money: post Keynesian development
  • The supply of money and the banking system
  • Modern macroeconomics: fiscal policy
  • Modern macroeconomic monetary policy
  • Inflation
  • Macro theories of consumption savings
  • Macroeconomics: open economy
  • The global recession, 2008