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Control Systems

K. Padmanabhan

ISBN: 9789389633375

INR 425


In this book, the current theoretical background needed for the development of control systems is provided. Apart from the standard methods using Bode, Nyquist and root locus plots, state space techniques are also in use. Discrete time control has assumed more importance with the advent of digital signals. Fuzzy logic is also used in designing controllers, since Edward Mamdani (1971) developed this pioneering control of a steam engine using this technique. Most books on control systems do not deal with the associated components of a system.

  • Response of Control Systems and Servomechanisms
  • Transfer Functions and Stability
  • Nyquist Criteria and Stability
  • Bode Plots and Performance Criteria
  • Compensation and Design of Linear Control Systems
  • Root Locus Method
  • Control System Components-I
  • Control System Components-II
  • Process Control
  • Non-linear Elements in Control Systems
  • State Space Analysis
  • Discrete Time Control System
  • Fuzzy Logic Control Systems
  • Toolbox in Matlab and Demos
  • Index