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Lasers and Optical Instrumentation

S.Nagabhushana, N.Sathyanarayana

ISBN: 9789389698756

INR 435


Lasers and Optical Instrumentation covers B.E., M.E., and M. Sc. (Electronics) degree courses. The text covers basic principles of lasers, types of lasers and their characteristics, laser applications in engineering and medicine. Further the book includes extensive coverage of optoelectronic devices, fibre optic communication and fibre optic sensors. The book includes many solved problems throughout the text to support the theoretical concepts and help in understanding of underlying principles. Review questions have been included at the end of each chapter to practise and self-study.


  • Introduction and Laser Principles
  • Laser Characteristics and Applications
  • Laser Applications-I (Overview)
  • Laser Applications-II
  • Optoelectronic Components
  • Fibre Optics Communication
  • Fibre Characteristics/Manufacture and Applications-I
  • Optical Information Technology
  • Fibre Optic Sensors
  • Conclusion: Future Prospects
  • Appendices
  • Bibliography
  • Index