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Engineering Mechanics

R.K. Singal, Mridul Singal, Rishi Singal

ISBN: 9789389698992

INR 495


Engineering Mechanics has been designed as per updated and new syllabus of various technical universities and engineering colleges. The book systematically develops the concepts and principles essential for understanding the subject. The difficulties usually faced by engineering students have been taken care of while preparing the book. A large number of numerical problems selected from university, competitive examination papers and question banks, are properly graded, solved and arranged in various chapters.


  • Unit I:  Two-dimensional Force System / Force and Equilibrium / Friction
  • Unit II: Beams and Trusses / Beams / Trusses
  • Unit III: Moment of Inertia / Centroid and Moment of Inertia / Mass Moment of Inertia
  • Unit IV: Dynamics of Rigid Body / Kinematics of Rigid Body / Kinetics of Rigid Body
  • Unit V: Stress and Strain Analysis / Simple and Compound Stresses and Strains / Bending and Torsion /
  • Annexures
  • Index