Small Business and Entrepreneurship

S. Anil Kumar

ISBN: 9789389795110

INR 375


This book presents a wide range of issues involved in entrepreneurship and small industry. The book has 12 chapters divided in two parts. Part A: Entrepreneurship Consisting of Concept of Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurial Competency and Development of Entrepreneurial Competency. Part B: Small Business: Consisting of Introduction to Small Scale Industries, Enterprise Creation, Business Plan, Support Agencies for Implementation of the Project and Sickness in Small Scale Industries.


Part A: Entrepreneurship;

  1. Concept of Entrepreneurship
  2. Entrepreneur
  3. Entrepreneurial Competency
  4. Development of Entrepreneurial Competency and Motivation.


Part B: Small Business;

  1. Small Scale Industries
  2. Enterprise Creation
  3. Business Plan
  4. Implementation of the Project
  5. Industrial Estates
  6. Sickness in Small Scale Industries
  7. Business Crisis
  8. International Entrepreneurial Opportunities
  9. Index.



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