Do More Faster India, 2ed: Techstars Lessons to Accelerate Your Startup

David Cohen, Brad Feld

ISBN: 9789388991025

400 pages

INR 699


Each vignette in this book is an exploration of advice often heard during the Techstars program. Rather than trying to capture it all ourselves, the authors have asked the mentors and the founders who have been through the program to help with the task of putting it down on paper (or virtual paper, depending on your medium of choice for reading.) Some parts of this book will almost certainly be in conflict. At Techstars, one of the favorite sayings is "it's just data," so everything the authors present here should be viewed as input and nothing more (to learn more about this, take a look at Bill Warner's essay titled "It's Just Data.") Recognize that one will have to make his or her own judgments and decisions about what's right for their own business.



About Techstars

Foreword to Do More Faster India 

Do More Faster India 

Why Entrepreneurs in India Need Techstars

Mentor-Backed Entrepreneurship in India

Legal Tips for Indian Startups




Chapter 1 Do More Faster
David Cohen, Techstars


Chapter 2 Do or Do Not; There is No Try
Brad Feld, Foundry Group

Theme One: Idea and Vision


Chapter 3 Trust Me, Your Idea is Worthless
Tim Ferriss, 4-Hour Workweek


Chapter 4 Start with Your Passion
Kevin Mann,


Chapter 5 Look for the Pain
Isaac Saldana, SendGrid


Chapter 6 Get Feedback Early
Nate Abbott and Natty Zola, Everlater


Chapter 7 Usage is Like Oxygen for Ideas
Matt Mullenweg, WordPress


Chapter 8 Forget the Kitchen Sink
David Cohen, Techstars


Chapter 9 Find That One Thing They Love
Darren Crystal, Photobucket


Chapter 10 Don't Plan. Prototype!
Greg Reinacker, Newsgator


Chapter 11 You Never Need Another Original Idea
Niel Robertson, Trada


Chapter 12 Get It Out There
Sean Corbett, HaveMyShift


Chapter 13 Avoid Tunnel Vision
Bijan Sabet, Spark Capital


Chapter 14 Focus
Jared Polis, State of Colorado


Chapter 15 Iterate Again
Colin Angle, iRobot


Chapter 16 Fail Fast
Alex White, Next Big Sound


Chapter 17 Pull the Plug When You Know It's Time
Paul Berberian, Zenie Bottle


Chapter 18 Love Doesn't Scale, or Does it?
Nicole Glaros, Techstars


Chapter 19 Reconciling Vision and Focus
David Cohen, Techstars

Theme Two: People


Chapter 20 Be Open to Randomness
David Cohen, Techstars


Chapter 21 Entrepreneurship is a Group Sport
Mark O'Sullivan, Vanilla


Chapter 22 Avoid Cofounder Conflict
Dharmesh Shah, HubSpot


Chapter 23 Hire People Better than You
Will Herman


Chapter 24 How to Find and Engage Mentors
David Cohen, Techstars


Chapter 25 Hire Slowly, Fire Quickly
Matt Blumberg, Return Path


Chapter 26 If You Can Quit, You Should
Laura Fitton, Oneforty


Chapter 27 Build a Balanced Team
Alex White, Next Big Sound


Chapter 28 Startups Seek Friends
Micah Baldwin,


Chapter 29 Engage Great Mentors
Emily Olson, Foodzie


Chapter 30 The Mentor Manifesto
David Cohen, Techstars


Chapter 31 Define Your Culture
Greg Gottesman, Pioneer Square Labs


Chapter 32 Two Strikes and You Are Out
Brad Feld, Foundry Group


Chapter 33 Karma Matters
Warren Katz, MAK Technologies

Theme Three: Working Effectively


Chapter 34 Assume That You're Wrong
Howard Diamond, Performance One Media


Chapter 35 Make Decisions Quickly
Ari Newman, Filtrbox


Chapter 36 It's Just Data
Bill Warner, Avid Technologies


Chapter 37 Use Your Head, then Trust Your Gut
Ryan McIntyre,


Chapter 38 Progress Equals Validated Learning
Eric Ries, Lean Startup Methodology


Chapter 39 The Plural of Anecdote is Not Data
Brad Feld, Foundry Group


Chapter 40 Don't Suck at Email
David Cohen, Techstars


Chapter 41 Use What's Free
Jason Seats, Techstars


Chapter 42 Be Tiny Until You Shouldn't Be
Jeffrey Powers, Occipital


Chapter 43 Don't Celebrate the Wrong Things
Rob Johnson, EventVue


Chapter 44 Be Specific
Brad Feld, Foundry Group


Chapter 45 Learn from Your Failures
Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures


Chapter 46 Quality over Quantity
Andy Smith, DailyBurn


Chapter 47 Have a Bias Toward Action
Ben Casnocha, Village Global

Theme Four: Product


Chapter 48 Don't Wait Until You Are Proud of Your Product
Ajay Kulkarni and Andy Cheung, Sensobi


Chapter 49 Find Your Whitespace
Raj Aggarwal, Localytics


Chapter 50 Focus on What Matters
Dick Costolo, Twitter


Chapter 51 Obsess over Metrics
Dave McClure


Chapter 52 Avoid Distractions
Andy Sack, Founder's Co-op


Chapter 53 Know Your Customer
Bill Flagg, RegOnline


Chapter 54 Beware the Big Companies
Michael Zeisser, XO Group


Chapter 55 Throw Things Away
Eric Marcoullier, OneTrueFan


Chapter 56 Pivot
Rob Hayes, First Round Capital

Theme Five: Fundraising


Chapter 57 There's More than One Way to Raise Money
Brad Feld, Foundry Group


Chapter 58 Beware of Angel Investors Who Aren't
David Cohen, Techstars


Chapter 59 Don't Forget about Bootstrapping
David Brown, Techstars


Chapter 60 You Don't Have to Raise Money
Joe Aigboboh and Jesse Tevelow, PlayQ


Chapter 61 Seed Investors Care about Three Things
Jeff Clavier, Uncork Capital


Chapter 62 Practice Like You Play
Alex White, Next Big Sound

Chapter 63 If You Want Money, Ask for Advice
Nicole Glaros, Techstars


Chapter 64 Show, Don't Tell
Brad Feld, Foundry Group


Chapter 65 Turn the Knife after You Stick It In
David Cohen, Techstars


Chapter 66 Don't Overoptimize on Valuations
Kirk Holland, Access Venture Partners


Chapter 67 Get Help with Your Term Sheet
Jason Mendelson, Foundry Group


Chapter 68 Focus on the First One-Third
Brad Feld, Foundry Group

Theme Six: Legal and Structure


Chapter 69 Choose the Right Company Structure
Brad Feld, Foundry Group


Chapter 70 Form the Company Early
Brad Bernthal, University of Colorado


Chapter 71 Default to Delaware
Jon Taylor, KO


Chapter 72 Lawyers Don't Have to Be Expensive
Michael Platt, Cooley LLP


Chapter 73 Vesting is Good for You
Jon Fox, Intense Debate


Chapter 74 Your Brother-in-Law is Probably Not the Right Corporate Lawyer
Brad Feld, Foundry Group


Chapter 75 To 83(b) or Not to 83(b), There is No Question
Matt Galligan, Socialthing

Theme Seven: Work--Life Harmony


Chapter 76 Discover Work--Life Harmony
Brad Feld, Foundry Group


Chapter 77 Practice Your Passion
Eran Egozy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Chapter 78 Follow Your Heart
Mark Solon, Techstars


Chapter 79 Turn Work into Play
Howard Lindzon, StockTwits


Chapter 80 Don't Make Yourself Indispensable
David Cohen, Techstars


Chapter 81 Get Out from Behind Your Computer
Seth Levine, Foundry Group


Chapter 82 Stay Healthy
Andy Smith, DailyBurn


Chapter 83 Get Away from It All
Amy Batchelor, Anchor Point Foundation



Appendix 1: The Evolution of Techstars

What Motivated Us to Start Techstars?

Why Techstars Started in Boulder

How Techstars Came to Boston

How Techstars Came to Seattle

So You Want to Start a Techstars Accelerator in Your Community or Company?

Techstars in 2019 and Beyond

Techstars Foundation: Increasing Diversity in Entrepreneurship

Appendix 2: Original Edition's Foreword

Appendix 3: Where are the Techstars Companies Now?

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