Fundamentals of Mechanics

Mohit Kumar Sharma, Suresh Chandra

ISBN: 9789389872774

382 pages

INR 495


India as well as abroad to B.Sc., B.Tech and B.Sc. Hons students. This area of science deals with the behaviour of physical bodies when subjected to forces or displacements, and the subsequent effects of the bodies on their environment. Mechanics has origin in the ancient period. Scientists such as Galileo, Kepler and Newton laid the foundation of classical mechanics, which deals with the particles that are either at rest or are moving with velocities significantly less than the speed of light

  • Vectors
  • Laws of Motion
  • Conservation Laws
  • Inverse-Square-Law Forces
  • Harmonic Oscillator
  • Theory of Relativity
  • Non-inertial Reference Frames
  • Elasticity
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Appendices
  • Index


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