Communication Technology for Development

Parveen Pannu, Yuki Azaad Tomar

ISBN: 9789389583922

INR 455


The book so painstakingly authored vividly encompasses all aspects of communication and their effective uses. The book no doubt would prove immensely useful to learners, planners and practitioners of mass media for socio-economic development.


Part I: Introduction To ICTS

  • Introduction to ICTs


Part II: Living in an Information Society

  • ICTs and Information Society
  • Accessing ICTs
  • Professional Communication and ICT


Part III: ICTs for Development

  • Development and Communication
  • ICTs for Development
  • Media Advocacy Campaign for Social Change and Development


Part IV: Internet—An ICT

  • Internet
  • Email
  • World Wide Web (www)
  • Chat, Blog and Twitter: The New Mantras of Communication
  • Internet for Development


Part V: Wireless Communication: The Future Beckons

  • Satellite and Wireless Technology


Part VI: e-newsletter: An ICT

  • e-newsletter
  • Online Journalism


Part VII: Radio: An ICT

  • Radio: Overview and Programming
  • Community, Internet and Satellite Radios as ICTs


Part VIII: Using Photography and Video as an ICT

  • Using Still Images in Development
  • Using Moving Images for Development


Part IX: Television: An ICT

  • Television Overview and Programming
  • Crucial Role of Television in Development


Part X: Cinema

  • Cinema for Social Change
  • Cinema for Appreciation


Part XI: Mobile Telephony: Revolutionizing Communication Scenario

  • Know the Mobile Telephone


Part XII: Convergence of ICTs

  • Convergence in Information Communication Technologies: An Emerging Phenomenon
  • India's Communication Landscape


Part XIII: Critique of Using ICTs for Development

  • Critique of Using ICTs for Development