Product and Process Design Principles: Synthesis, Analysis and Evaluation, 3ed, ISV

Seider, Seader, Lewin, Widagdo

ISBN: 9788126557486

764 pages

eBook also available for institutional users 

INR 1139


Book emphasizes a systematic approach and integrates product design more thoroughly throughout the chapters. New case studies on process design are included to make the concepts more relevant. The social aspects and economics of product design are introduced and the Stage-Gate Product Development Process is explored in parallel tracks for several chemical products. It also provides chemical engineers with numerous examples of the simulator input and output, with frame-by-frame instructions to discuss the nature of the models provided for the processing units.


1. Introduction to Chemical Product Design

1S Supplement to Chapter


2. Product-Development Process


Part 1 Basic Chemicals Product Design

3. Materials Technology for Basic Chemicals: Molecular-Structure Design

3S Supplement to Chapter


4. Process Creation for Basic Chemicals

5. Simulation to Assist in Process Creation

6. Heuristics for Process Synthesis

7. Reactor Design and Synthesis of Networks Containing Reactors

7S Supplement to Chapter


8. Synthesis of Separation Trains

9. Heat and Power Integration

9S Supplement to Chapter 9 Second Law Analysis


10. Mass Integration

11. Optimal Design and Scheduling of Batch Processes

12. Plant wide Controllability Assessment

12S Supplement to Chapter 12 Flowsheet Controllability Analysis


13. Basic Chemicals


Part 2 Industrial Chemicals Product Design

14. Materials and Process / Manufacturing Technologies for Industrial Chemical Products

15. Industrial Chemicals


Part 3 Configured Consumer Product Design

16. Materials, Process/Manufacturing, and Product Technologies for Configured Consumer Products

16S Supplement to Chapter 16


17. Configured Consumer


Part 4 Detailed Design, Equipment Sizing, Optimization and Product-Quality Analysis

18. Heat Exchanger Design

19. Separation Tower Design

20. Pumps, Compressors and Expanders

21. Polymer Compounding

22. Cost Accounting and Capital Cost Estimation

22S Supplement to Chapter 22


23. Annual Costs, Earnings and Probability Analysis

23S Supplement to Chapter 23


24. Design Optimization

25. Six-Sigma Design Strategies


Part 5 Design Report

26. Written Reports and Oral Presentations




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