A Textbook of Environmental Chemistry

V. Subramanian

ISBN: 9789389583908

498 pages

INR 545


This book addresses key topics related to the broad subject of “Environmental Chemistry”. The book tries to present the topics that are essential to understand the chemical process in our environment—involving air,, water, and soil. Chapters that are very much current such as environmental nuclear chemistry, analytical tools needed for chemical aspect of our environment, solid waste and management methodology, quality criteria for air and water have all been treated in a simple fashion so that a reader can refer to advanced books in specific topics for better understanding. A brief review of fundamentals of chemistry is also included.

  • A Review of Basic Chemistry
  • Chemistry of the Earth
  • Atmospheric Chemistry
  • Chemical Aspects of Air Pollution
  • Water Chemistry
  • Chemical Aspects of Water Pollution
  • Environmental Chemistry of Soil
  • Chemical Aspecs of Soil Contamination
  • Waste Chemistry and Management
  • Environmental Chemistry of Isotopes
  • Analytical Techniques
  • Green Chemistry and Toxic Chemicals in the Environment


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