Experiments in Engineering Chemistry

Payal B. Joshi

ISBN: 9789389976038

INR 315


The knowledge of chemical analysis, properties and behavior of different materials using various instrumental techniques are parts of engineering. This implies that engineers and technologists dealing with materials must have elementary training in chemistry so as to prepare themselves for the profession. This book presents laboratory experiments for the first year engineering students that can be adapted in almost all the chemistry laboratories across all the universities in the country. It will be a good reference resource for preparing students for chemistry practical examinations.


Periodic Table of Elements

Common laboratory glassware and equipments

Safety in Chemistry laboratory

  1. Water Analysis
  2. Polymer Analysis
  3. Ore/Alloy Analysis
  4. Electrochemistry
  5. Energy Resources: Fuels, Lubricants
  6. Preparation/Synthesis of Important Chemicals
  7. Chemical Kinetics
  8. pH-metry
  9. Polarimetry
  10. Conductometry
  11. Green Chemistry
  12. Analysis of food/drug samples
  13. Miscellaneous Experiments


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