Organic Chemistry Volume - I

Sonia Ratnani, Shriniwas Gurjar

ISBN: 9789390581139

656 pages

INR 745


Organic Chemistry provides a basic input of fundamentals of organic chemistry. Organic Chemistry is composed of huge number of molecules whose role is best described by their formulas and structures comprising of atoms, bonds, electrons, charges etc. Thus the challenge lies how their action is well explained on paper. Hence, an initiation is brought through this book which includes the fundamentals of organic chemistry such as what is organic chemistry, structure and bonding, organic reaction mechanism, stereochemistry, aliphatic hydrocarbons and concept of aromaticity. The core content is presented with the skeleton of proposed mechanisms and solved problems.


  • Classification and Nomenclature of Organic Compounds
  • Structure and Bonding
  • Reaction Mechanism
  • Stereo Isomerism
  • Alkanes
  • Conformational Stereoisomerism in Alkanes and Cycloalkanes
  • Alkenes (Unsaturated Hydrocarbons)
  • Alkynes
  • Aromatic Hydrocarbons


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