Practical Organic Chemistry Vol - I

Sharda Pasricha, Ankita Chaudhary

ISBN: 9789355810328

310 pages

INR 395


This book is intended to provide guidance to undergraduate students on the essential experimental techniques used in a typical undergraduate lab. This knowledge will not only help them to perform experimental work but will also help them extend their knowledge to face greater challenges during their postgraduate classes as well as in project-based research.


Part I: Safety Considerations, Commonly Used Laboratory Equipment, Glassware and Common Laboratory Techniques

1. Safety Considerations in a Chemistry Laboratory

2. Commonly Used Laboratory Equipment and Glassware

3. Common Laboratory Techniques for Purification and Separation

4. Criterion for Purity

5. Selected Experiments Based on the Concepts learnt so far


Part II: Small Scale Preparations

6. Small Scale Preparations for an Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Laboratory


Appendix I




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