Principles and Practice of Analytical Chemistry, 5ed

F. W. Fifield, David Kealey

ISBN: 9788126574841

576 pages

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Over more than two decades this book has established itself as the first choice for growing numbers of students and practising analysts who require a well-written and concise overview of the principles and practice of analytical chemistry. Significant changes encompass strengthening of the coverage of data handling, together with new material covering rapidly developing subject areas of molecular spectrometry, atomic spectrometry, and separation techniques. Answers to the self- learning problems and exercises are also included. The new edition of the book will continue to provide a sound and broad base for the study of analytical chemistry.

  • The assessment of analytical data.
  • PH complex agent and solubility equilibria.
  • Separation techniques.
  • Titrimetry and gravimetry.
  • Electrochemical techniques.
  • An introduction to analytical spectrometry.
  • Atomic spectrometry.
  • Molecular spectrometry.
  • Radiochemical methods in analysis.
  • Thermal techniques.
  • Overall analytical procedures and autobation.
  • The role of computers and microprocessors in analytical chemistry.
  • Level introductory/intermediate.