Amazon Web Services for Mobile Developers: Building Apps with AWS

Abhishek Mishra

ISBN: 9788126572663

792 pages

INR 999


Amazon Web Services for Mobile Developers: Building Apps with AWS introduces the reader to the Amazon Web Services ecosystem, and provide practical examples for both iOS and Android developers to allow them to integrate AWS into their mobile applications. The reader is expected to have prior programming experience with Swift or Java and a basic knowledge of web services to use this book. This book will appeal to both iOS/Android developers and technical/solution architects. Developers will find concrete examples that show them how to perform common tasks with AWS. Technical/Solution architects will find useful information on the most commonly used services in the AWS ecosystem.



Part I Introduction to Amazon Web Services

Chapter 1 Introduction to Cloud Computing and Amazon Web Services

  • What Is Cloud Computing?  
  • Cloud Service Models
  • Cloud Deployment Models
  • The AWS Ecosystem 7
  • Sign Up for an AWS Free Tier Account
  • Step 1: Contact Information
  • Step 2: Payment Information
  • Step 3: Identity Verification
  • Step 4: Support Plan Selection
  • Step 5: Confirmation


Chapter 2 Regions