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Cloud Computing: Principles and Paradigms

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Part I. Foundations.


• Introduction to Cloud Computing

• Migrating into a Cloud

• Enriching the "Integration as a Service" Paradigm for the Cloud Era

• The Enterprise Cloud Computing Paradigm

Part II. Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS).


• Virtual Machines Provisioning and Migration Services.

• On the Management of Virtual Machines for Cloud Infrastructures

• Enhancing Cloud Computing Environments Using a Cluster as a Service

• Secure Distributed Data Storage in Cloud


Part III. Platform and Software as a Service


• Aneka--Integration of Private and Public Clouds

• Comet Cloud: An Autonomic Cloud Engine

• T-Systems' Cloud-Based Solutions for Business Applications

• Workflow Engine for Clouds

• Understanding Scientific Applications for Cloud Environments

• The Map Reduce Programming Model and Implementations


Part IV. Monitoring and Management.


• An Architecture for Federated Cloud Computing

• SLA Management in Cloud Computing: A Service Provider's Perspective

• Performance Prediction for HPC on Clouds


Part V. Applications.


• Best Practices in Architecting Cloud Applications in the AWS Cloud

• Massively Multiplayer Online Game Hosting on Cloud Resources

• Building Content Delivery Networks Using Clouds.

• Resource Cloud Mashups


Part VI. Governance and Case Studies.


• Organizational Readiness and Change Management in the Cloud Age

• Data Security in the Cloud

• Legal Issues in Cloud Computing

• Achieving Production Readiness for Cloud Services



Rajkimar Buyya is an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Software Engineering, and Director of the Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems Laboratory at the University of Melbourne, Australia.  Dr. Buyya is a senior member of both the IEEE and ACM


James Broberg is an Australian Postdoctoral Fellow (APD) with the Grid Computing and Distributed Systems (GRIDS) Laboratory, in the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering at the University of Melbourne.


Andrzej Goscinski is a Chair Professor of Computing at Deakin University, Australia.  Currently, he is carrying out research on clusters of clusters, autonomic computing, autonomic and enterprise grids



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