Cloud Computing Black Book

Kailash Jayaswal, Jagannath Kallakurchi, Donald J. Houde, Dr. Deven Shah, Kogent Learning Solutions

ISBN: 9789351194187

484 pages

eBook also available for institutional users 

INR 699


This book, Cloud Computing Black Book, is a one-time reference book that covers all aspects of cloud computing in an easy-to-understand approach. It covers a variety of topics, such as cloud computing and its comparison with peer-to-peer, client-server and grid computing; virtualization and its levels; cloud computing services, such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and DBaaS; cloud computing and its business values; myths and truths about cloud computing; cloud types and models, such as private, community, hybrid and public; open-source eucalyptus and OpenStack cloud application architecture; cloud deployment techniques; recent trends in cloud computing and standards; host security in cloud for SaaS, PaaS and IaaS; data security in cloud.


• Era of Cloud Computing

• Introducing Virtualization

• Cloud Computing Services

• Cloud Computing and Business Value

• Demystifying Cloud Computing

• Cloud Types and Models

• Open Source Cloud Implementation and Administration

• Cloud Deployment Techniques

• Recent Trends in Cloud Computing and Standards

• Host Security in the Cloud

• Data Security in the Cloud

• Application Architecture for Cloud

• Cloud Programming

• Adoption and Use of Cloud by Small and

• Adoption and Use of Cloud by Enterprises

• IT Service Management for Cloud Computing

• SLA with Cloud Service Providers

• Risks, Consequences, and Costs for Cloud Computing

• AAA Administration for Clouds

• Regulatory and Compliance Requirements for Clouds

• Security as A Service

• Cloud Certifications and Audits

• Application Development for Cloud

• Application Security in the Cloud

• Cloud Computing: The Road Ahead

• Mobile Cloud Computing

• Points to Remember

• Glossary

• Index


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