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CMOS: Circuit Design, Layout and Simulation

R. Jacob Baker

ISBN: 9788126520374

1080 pages

INR 779


In this second edition, the authors have taken a new, two path approach to the topic. They develop design techniques for both long- and short-channel CMOS technologies and then compare the two. This approach results in explanations that are multi-dimensional and allows the reader deep insight into the design process. Complete with layout software for the PC, this exceptionally comprehensive presentation of CMOS integrated circuit design will guide you through the process of implementing a chip from the physical definition through the design and simulation of the finished chip.


Chapter 1: Introduction to CMOS Design

Chapter 2: The Well

Chapter 3: The Metal Layers

Chapter 4: The Active and Poly Layers

Chapter 5: Resistors, Capacitors, MOSFETs

Chapter 6: MOSFET Operation

Chapter 7: CMOS Fabrication

Chapter 8: Electrical Noise: An Overview

Chapter 9: Models for Analog Design

Chapter 10: Models for Digital Design

Chapter 11: The Inverter

Chapter 12: Static Logic Gates

Chapter 13: Clocked Circuits

Chapter 14: Dynamic Logic Gates

Chapter 15: VLSI Layout Examples

Chapter 16: Memory Circuits

Chapter 17: Sensing Using [Delta][Sigma] Modulation

Chapter 18: Special Purpose CMOS Circuits

Chapter 19: Digital Phase-locked Loops

Chapter 20: Current Mirrors

Chapter 21: Amplifiers

Chapter 22: Differential Amplifiers

Chapter 23: Voltage References

Chapter 24: Operational Amplifiers I

Chapter 25: Dynamic Analog Circuits

Chapter 26: Operational Amplifiers II

Chapter 27: Nonlinear Analog Circuits

Chapter 28: Data Converter Fundamentals

Chapter 29: Data Converter Architectures