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Cognitive Radio Architecture: The Engineering Foundations of Radio XML

Joseph Mitola

ISBN: 9788126563777

488 pages

Exclusively distributed by BSP Books 


This text is intended to make the design principles of cognitive radio (CR) more accessible to researchers and students of tele informatics and to wireless communications systems developers.  Therefore, this text addresses more of the practice and less of the theory of CR, but with a thematic focus on a CR architecture that integrates across disparate disciplines, particularly autonomous machine learning (AML), computer vision, and language perception technologies. The accompanying CD-ROM contains the Java source code and compiled class files for all of the applications developed in the book.



1. Introduction.


Section I: Foundations.

2. Technical Overview.

3. Evolving from Aware and Adaptive to Cognitive Radio.

4. Autonomous Machine Learning for AACR.

5. Cognitive Radio Architecture.

6. Introduction to CRI.


Section II: Radio Competence.

7. Radio Domain Use Cases.

8. Radio Knowledge.

9. Implementing Radio Domain Skills.


Section III: User Domain Competence.

10. User Domain Use Cases.

11. User-Domain Knowledge.

12. Implementing User Domain Skills.

13. Semantic Radio.

14. Conclusions.



15. References.