Communication Systems, 5ed, ISV

Simon Haykin, Michael Moher

ISBN: 9788126521517

436 pages

INR 779


This best-selling, easy to read, communication systems book has been extensively revised to include an exhaustive treatment of digital communications. Throughout, it emphasizes the statistical underpinnings of communication theory in a complete and detailed manner.


Chapter 1: Fourier Analysis of Signals and Systems

Chapter 2: Analog Modulation Theory

Chapter 3: Probability Theory

Chapter 4: Random Processes

Chapter 5: Noise in Analog Modulation Systems

Chapter 6: Information Theory

Chapter 7: Analog to Digital Conversion and Data Compression

Chapter 8: Signaling Over AWGN Channels

Chapter 9: Synchronization

Chapter 10: Signaling Over Band-Limited Channels

Chapter 11: Multichannel Modulation

Chapter 12: Signaling Over Fading Channels

Chapter 13: Spread Spectrum Modulation

Chapter 14: Error Control Coding

Chapter 15: Multiuser Communications

Appendix 1: Bessel Functions

Appendix 2: Method of Lagrange Multipliers

Appendix 3: Bounds on the Q-function

Appendix 4: Cryptography

Appendix 5: List of Tables


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