Business Communication: A Practice-Oriented Approach

Shalini Kalia, Shailja Agarwal

ISBN: 9788126554799

380 pages

eBook also available for institutional users 

INR 539


This is a comprehensive textbook designed especially for management students. The uniqueness of this book lies in the way it approaches the subject of business communication - it follows a practice-oriented approach to explain the core concepts of business communication with the help of real-life case situations, examples, exhibits, etc. The book targets to set the mental faculty of students to motion into dealing with day-to-day communication challenges through rigorous, innovative and interesting activities like diagnostic surveys, simulations, role plays, reflection journals, case studies, video cases, etc.


Chapter 1 Understanding Business Communication

1.1 Communication at Workplace

1.2 Understanding Communication

1.3 Classification of Communication

1.4 Communication Challenges

1.5 Good Communication Gateways: The 7 Cs of Communication


Chapter 2 Interpersonal Communication

2.1 Communication in Work Teams

2.2 Listening Skills

2.3 Giving and Receiving Feedback

2.4 Building Effective Teams and Team Work

2.5 Handling Conflict

2.6 Negotiating Effectively


Chapter 3 Designing and Delivering Oral Presentations

3.1 Challenges in Professional Presentations

3.2 Process of Making Effective Presentations

3.3 Collaborative Presentations

3.4 Online Presentations

3.5 Presenting to a Culturally Diverse Audience


Chapter 4 Fundamentals of Business Writing

4.1 Introduction

4.2 ABC3 Model of Writing


Chapter 5 Drafting Business Messages

5.1 Introduction

5.2 Understanding Your Communication Context

5.3 Deciding on the Communication Objectives and the Plan of Writing

5.4 Routine and Positive Messages

5.5 Negative Messages

5.6 Persuasive Messages


Chapter 6 Writing Effective Reports

6.1 Importance of Report Writing at Workplace

6.2 Types of Reports

6.3 Process of Report Writing

6.4 Writing an Informal Report

6.5 Writing a Formal Report

6.6 Use of Appropriate Mechanics in Drafting a Business Report


Chapter 7 Cross-Cultural Communication

7.1 Cross-Cultural Communication at Workplace

7.2 Culture Defined

7.3 Dimensions of Culture

7.4 Challenges of Cross-Cultural Communication

7.5 Understanding Cross-Cultural Communication Complexities

7.6 Improving Cross-Cultural Communication Skills at Workplace


Chapter 8 Communicating Through Technology

8.1 Introduction

8.2 Classification of Technological Tools for Communication

8.3 Major Technological Tools

8.4 Effective Use of Technology for Communication

8.5 Communicating Through Social Media

8.6 Communicating in Virtual Teams


Chapter 9 Employment Communication

9.1 Employment Process

9.2 Setting Goals

9.3 Understanding Employers’ Mindset towards the Employment Process

9.4 Organizing Your Approach to the Employment Process

9.5 Drafting Résumés and Other Employment Messages

9.6 Drafting Application Letters

9.7 Handling Group Discussions

9.8 Handling Interviews

9.9 Drafting Post-Interview Employment Messages



Concept-Based Questions

Critical Thinking Questions


Video Analysis

Picture Analysis

Case Study

Reflection Sheet

Analysis of Diagnostic Survey: How Good Are Your Employment Communication Skills?



This book on Business Communication covers the concepts and research proven principles of communicating in a clear and concise manner. The authors have done a commendable job of sharing practical applications

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