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Counselling and Negotiation Skills for Managers

Premvir Kapoor

ISBN: 9788177225655

268 pages

eBook also available for institutional users 

INR 349


The book meets the syllabus requirements of Post Graduate Students of Management, Education and Psychology and those pursuing Diploma Courses in Counselling and Guidance. The book is divided in two parts. The first part is devoted to -- Conselling Skills for Managers, and the second part is devoted to the-- Negotiation Skills for Managers. It provides a clear and concise account of different aspects of Counselling and Negotiation. The 34 years teaching experience of the author has made it a unique and indispensable book for working managers as well.

  Part I: Counselling Skills for Managers

· Development of Counselling

· Counselling Features

· Counselling: Objectives and Functions

· Counselling Approaches

· Standardized and Non-standardized Techniques of Counselling

· Guidance and Counselling Services

· Vocational Guidance and Occupational Information

· Career Planning and Development

· Mentoring

· Training and Development

· Counselling and Related Fields

· Special Areas in Counselling

· Evaluation of Counselling

· Guidance as a Profession - Ethics in Counselling

Part II: Negotiation Skills for Managers

· Negotiation Skills

· Collective Bargaining