Wiley's ExamXpert Soft Skills for Campus Placements

Uma Maheswari

ISBN: 9788126575374

260 pages

INR 349


The third title in the Campus Placements series, Wiley ExamXpert Soft Skills for Campus Placements has been written keeping in mind the needs of those who wish to enhance their soft skills for the various campus placement processes. The book combines with the other two titles in this series – Communication skills for campus placements and General Aptitude for campus placements-to provide comprehensive and holistic guidance to all aspirant of a campus recruitment process. It adopts a unique pedagogical style in that it discusses key underlying fundamentals of soft skills and helps a student build them by providing hands-on exposure through activities and tasks. Not only this, the book has several practice tests that will help a student revise the theoretical concepts and refresh their memory.





Chapter 1: Introduction to Soft Skills

Importance of Soft Skills

The Journey from Campus to Corporate

Skills Required

Comments from HR Leaders

Key Findings

General Salary Structure for IT/ITES/Manufacturing Sectors


Work ethics


Chapter 2: Communication Skills

Assertive Communication

Aggressive Communication

Importance of Assertiveness

Key Factors to Assertive Communication


Chapter 3: Resume Writing


Importance of Resume

Different types of Resume

Work History

Education and Training

Special Work-Related Skills and Accomplishments


Certificates and Licenses

Professional Memberships

Special Skills

Personal Information


Writing your Resume

What to (and what not to) include

Resume Formats x Legal Awareness and Legal Reasoning for CLAT and other Law Entrance Exams

What a Resume Should Look Like

Getting the Professional Look

Sample Cover Letters

Cover Letter Sample - 1

Cover Letter Sample - 2

Cover Letter Sample - 3

Cover Letter Sample - 4

Cover Letter Sample - 5

Cover Letter Template

Templates for Different Resumes

Sample Resume - 1

Sample Resume - 2

Sample-Fresher HR Resume

Sample-IT Resume (C+ C++)

Sample-Hardware and Networking Resume

Sample-JAVA and J2EE Resume

Sample-Civil Engineering Resume

Sample-Mechanical Engineering Resume


Chapter 4: Grooming

Tips and Grooming Checklist for Job Success


Chapter 5: Body Language

Nonverbal Communication

Body Language Activity

Interviews- Body Language Do’s and Don’ts


Chapter 6: Group Discussion


How to Work with Group Members

How to Avoid Problems during Group Discussions

Time Management

Emotional Outburst

Quantity vs Quality

Egotism/Showing off


Alertness and Equanimity

Lateral Thinking

Rules of Group Discussion


Positive Traits

Negative Traits

General Group Discussion Topics gal

 Awareness and Legal Reasoning for CLAT and other Law Entrance Exams xi

Chapter 7: Self Introduction

Activity - SWOT Analysis

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Sample 4

Sample 5

Sample 6


Chapter 8: Interview Process


Why face to face interview?

Types of interviews

Behavioral Interviews

Situational Interviews

Unstructured Interviews

Panel Interviews

Types of Questions Asked

Direct Questions

Indirect Questions

Hypothetical or Situational Questions

Behavioral Descriptive Questions

Selection Criteria

During Campus Drive

Body Language




Job Fair - Preparation

Post - Interview Etiquette


Thank you note

Telephonic interview

Be prepared for telephonic interview


During the phone interview

After interview

Dress code at interview

HR Interview Questions

General HR Interview Questions and Answers

ITES Common Questions

Information Technology

Data Networks xii Legal Awareness and Legal Reasoning for CLAT and other Law Entrance Exams

Network Technology

Ethernet Networking Concepts

Data Link Layer

IP Layer

TCP Layer

Application Layer


Operating Systems

Process Management

Common Technical Questions Based on Current Trends

Big Data

“Big Data” and Five V’s of Big Data

Five V’s of Big Data

Explain HDFS and YARN

Technical Aptitude Questions


Chapter 9: Time Management

Obstacles to Effective Time Management

Scheduling Tools and Tips


Chapter 10: Leadership Skills


Career Planning

Few Insights to Excel in Leadership Based Questions


Chapter 11: Business Communication

Presentation Skills

Importance of Presentation Skills

E-mail writing

How to Write a Formal Email

Tips for Good Emails

Business Letter Writing

Business Letter Parts

Sample 1

Sample 2- Sample Resignation Letter

Sample 3

Sample 4


Chapter 12: Practice Tests

Practice Test 1

Practice Test 2

Practice Test 3

Synonymsegal Awareness and Legal Reasoning for CLAT and other Law Entrance Exams xiii


Cloze Test


Sentence Completion

Spotting Errors

Sentence Improvement


Warm-Ups and Other Introductory Activities

Activity - 1 You Choose

Activity - 2 To be or not

Activity - 3 Simultaneous Interpretation

Activity - 4 Tell me about

Activity - 5 Building Vocabulary Activity

Activity - 6 Synonyms and Antonyms

Activity - 7 Resume Writing

Activity - 8 Descriptive Drawing

Activity - 9 Group Discussion

Activity - 10 Power of body language

Activity - 11 Presentation skills




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