Computer Applications in Management

Niranjan Shrivastava

ISBN: 9788177228502

684 pages

eBook also available for institutional users 

INR 499


The book helps you to develop an appreciation of different software and hardware systems available in the industry. It provides an introduction about computers and operating systems develops a basic understanding about the software programs applied for office automation, introduces the basic concepts of database management, and provides an overview about the concepts of data communication, Internet, and E-commerce. The book helps you to learn about computer usage in business organizations with specific reference to commercial data processing systems.


· Introduction to Computer Systems

· Operating Systems

· Getting Started with Word 2007

· Working with Tables and Mail Merge

· Macros

· Preparing and Printing Documents in MS Word 2007

· Getting Started with Excel 2007

· Working with Formulas and Functions in Excel 2007

· Working with Graphs in Excel 2007

· Getting Started with PowerPoint 2007

· Working with Text, Graphs, and Multimedia

· Exploring Outlook Express

· Accounting Basics

· Working with Tally

· Working with DBMS

· Introduction to Networking

· Getting Started with Internet and HTML

· Working with Lists, Tables, and Frames

· Working with Hyperlinks, Images, and Multimedia

· Using Scripting Languages in Web Pages

· Introducing E-Commerce

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