Advances in Computer Vision and Information Technolgy

K.V. Kale, S.C. Mehrotra, R.R. Manza

ISBN: 9789390078202

INR 4995


The latest trends in Information Technology represent a new intellectual paradigm for scientific exploration and visualization of scientific phenomena. The present treatise covers almost all the emerging technologies in the field. Academicians, engineers, industralists, scientists and researchers engaged in teaching, research and development of Computer Science and Information Technology will find the book useful for their future academic and research work.


  • Advance Networking and Security/Wireless Networking/Cyber Laws
  • Advance Software Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence/Natural Language Processing/ Neural Networks
  • Bioinformatics/Biometrics
  • Data Mining/E-Commerce/E-Learning
  • Image Processing, Content Based Image Retrieval, Medical and Bio-Medical Imaging, Wavelets
  • Information Processing/Audio and Text Processing/Cryptology, Steganography and Digital Watermarking
  • Pattern Recognition/Machine Vision/Image Motion, Video Processing
  • Signal Processing and Communication/Remote Sensing
  • Speech Processing & Recognition, Human Computer Interaction
  • Information and Communication Technology


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