Beginning iOS Programming for Dummies



Part I: Getting started with iOS Programming

Chapter 1: Entering Mobile Application Development

Chapter 2: Object-Oriented Design Principles

Chapter 3: Effectively Using Objective-C


Part II: Meeting the Methods and Platforms

Chapter 4: Patterns and Frameworks

Chapter 5: Setting Up to Develop iOS Apps

Chapter 6: Developing an App on iOS

Chapter 7: Illustrating Object-Oriented iOS App Design


Part III: Making your iOS Apps Fit for Consumption

Chapter 8: Effectively Using Xcode

Chapter 9: Developing Your App's User Interface

Chapter 10: Making Applications Fast and Responsive

Chapter 11: Making Your App Reliable and Secure


Part IV: Connecting Your Apps

Chapter 12: Channeling the World into Your Device

Chapter 13: Harnessing iOS Device Capabilities

Chapter 14: Publishing to the App Store


Part V: The Part of Tens

Chapter 15: Ten Resources for Object-Oriented Development

Chapter 16: Ten Developer Resources for iOS