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Computer Graphics, 3ed

Pradeep K. Bhatia

ISBN: 9789389307153

424 pages

INR 485


The present book provides fundamentals of Computer Graphics and its applications.At every stage, detailed experiments with suitable figures are provided.More than 250 unsolved problems have been given at the end of chapters in the book. A large number of solved examples and programs in C are provided in the Appendices.


  • Preface to the Second Edition
  • Introduction to Computer Graphics
  • Display Devices
  • Interactive Devices
  • Scan Conversion
  • 2-D Transformations
  • 2D Viewing Transformation and Clipping
  • 3-D Transformations
  • Projection
  • 3-D Viewing and Clipping
  • Hidden Lines and Hidden Surfaces
  • Bezier Curves and B-Splines
  • Animation
  • Multimedia
  • Color Models
  • Illumination Models and Shading Models
  • Appendices I
  • Appendices II
  • Index