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Database Management Systems Applications

Kogent Learning Solutions Inc.

ISBN: 9789351194767

280 pages

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INR 279


The theme of this book is the potential use of various database management systems. This book combines advanced techniques with practical advice and many new ideas, methods and examples for database management students, system specialists, and programmers. It provides a wealth of technical information on database methods and an encyclopedic coverage of advanced techniques. Summing up, this book is a valuable source of information for academics, practitioners, post and under graduate students with a good overview of basic notions, methods and techniques, as well as important issues and trends across the broad spectrum of big data management.


Chapter 1: Introduction to Databases

1.1 Database Concepts

1.2 Database Models and Types

1.4 Introduction to SQL Using MySQL

Chapter 2: Advanced Database Techniques

2.1 Structured versus Unstructured Data

2.2 NoSQL Database Concepts

2.3 Types of NoSQL Databases

2.4 NoSQL Data Modeling

2.5 Benefits of NoSQL

2.6 Comparative Study of SQL and NoSQL Database Systems

2.7 NoSQL Using MongoDB

2.8 Querying

2.9 Index Introduction

2.10 Aggregation Introduction


Chapter 3: Database Transactions

3.1 Transaction Management in Database Systems

3.2 Concurrency Control in Database Systems

3.3 System Performance Tuning and Query Optimization in SQL Databases

3.4 System Performance Tuning and Query Optimization in NoSQL Databases

Chapter 4: Database Architecture

4.1 Introduction to Client-Server Database Model

4.2 Introduction to Parallel Databases

4.3 Introduction to Distributed Databases

4.4 Database Connectivity and Web Technologies

4.5 Database Administration and Management

4.6 Connectivity Using MongoDB and Cassandra


Chapter 5: Big Data Management and Programming

5.1 XML

5.2 JSON

5.3 Big Data

5.4 Introduction to Hadoop

5.5 HBase

5.6 HIVE

5.7 Solid-State Drive

5.8 Cloudera

5.9 Oracle Cloud

5.10 Oracle Berkley Database (Oracle BDB)

5.11 MongoDB

5.12 Introduction to R Programming


Chapter 6: Advances in Databases Data

6.1 Introduction to Data Warehouse

6.2 Introduction to Data Mining Techniques

6.3 Introduction to Business Intelligence