Learn Amazon Web Services in a Month of Lunches

David Clinton

ISBN: 9789386052209

330 pages

INR 899


AWS certainly isn’t the only cloud provider on earth, and there’s no single service it offers that can’t be replicated elsewhere at a comparable or sometimes lower price. But although Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform offer some serious products, AWS is by all measures the biggest player in this market. You’ve probably already heard this old joke: no one ever got fired for choosing IBM. The idea was that IBM’s size and history made choosing its products and services the safe choice. These days? AWS is probably getting close to IBM status.


1. Before you begin


Part 1: The Core AWS Tools

2. The 10-minute EC2 web server

3. Provisioning a more robust EC2 website

4. Databases on AWS

5. DNS: what’s in a name?

6. S3: cheap, fast file storage

7. S3: cheap, fast system backups

8. AWS security: working with IAM users, groups, and roles

9. Managing growth

10. Pushing back against the chaos: using resource tags

11. Cloud Watch: monitoring AWS resources for fun and profit

12. Another way to play: the command-line interface


Part 2:  The AWS Power User: Optimizing Your Infrastructure

13. Keeping ahead of user demand

14. High availability: working with AWS networking tools

15. High availability: load balancing

16. High availability: auto scaling

17. High availability: content-delivery networks


Part 3: Food For Thought: What Else Can Aws Do For You?

18. Building hybrid infrastructure

19. Cloud automation: working with Elastic Beanstalk, Docker and Lambda

20. Everything else (nearly)

21. Never the end



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