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PMP Certification All-In-One for Dummies, 2ed

Cynthia Snyder

ISBN: 9788126544776

912 pages

INR 599


PMP Certification All-In-One For Dummies 2e is completely updated to reflect changes coming to the PMBOK. The book provides the reader with 800+ pages of fresh, new, and totally up-to-date comprehensive content designed to correlate with the knowledge tested in the domains of the PMBOK as required to be PMP certified. The book also helps the reader navigate the various requirements to become PMP certified.  




Book I: PMP Foundation

Chapter 1: The PMP Exam

Chapter 2: Foundations of Project Management

Chapter 3: Project Life Cycles, Organizational Structures and Organizational Process Assets

Chapter 4: It's All about the Process


Book II: Starting Off Right

Chapter 1: OMG! It's a Project!

Chapter 2: Chartering Your Project

Chapter 3: Identifying Project Stakeholders


Book III: Planning Integration, Scope and Schedule

Chapter 1: Constructing the Project Management Plan

Chapter 2: Defi ning Project Scope

Chapter 3: Creating Your Schedule


Book IV: Planning Cost, Quality, Human Resources and Communication

Chapter 1: Estimating the Price Tag

Chapter 2: Planning for Quality

Chapter 3: Identifying Your Team Members

Chapter 4: 90 Percent of Your Job Is Communication


Book V: Planning for Risks, Procurement and Stakeholder Management

Chapter 1: Identifying What Could Go Wrong

Chapter 2: Getting Help -- Procuring Project Scope

Chapter 3: Who Are All These People? Planning Stakeholder Management


Book VI: Managing Your Project

Chapter 1: Managing the Work and Assuring Quality

Chapter 2: Managing the People Side of Your Project

Chapter 3: Getting the Word Out to Stakeholders and Contractors


Book VII: Controlling Scope and Schedule

Chapter 1: Monitoring, Controlling and Managing Change

Chapter 2: Controlling Project Scope

Chapter 3: Controlling Your Schedule


Book VIII: Controlling Cost, Quality and More

Chapter 1: Controlling Cost and Using Earned Value

Chapter 2: Controlling Quality

Chapter 3: Controlling Communications and Stakeholders

Chapter 4: Managing Your Risks and Procurements


Book IX: Closing Your Project and the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Chapter 1: Closing Your Contracts and Your Project

Chapter 2: The PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct


Appendix A: What's on the Website

Appendix B: Practice Test

Appendix C: Lab Work

Appendix D: Exam Objective Cross Walk

Appendix E: Glossary