Fraud in The Markets: Why It Happens and How to Fight It

Peter D. Goldmann

ISBN: 9788126526765

272 pages

Exclusively distributed by Times Group Books 


Fraud in the Markets reveals the critical role fraud played in the global financial crisis-even as many of the perpetrators continue to go unpunished. Shedding light on the reckless conduct of the former senior executives at major Wall Street firms such as Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch and others just before their collapse, this timely book shows how the culture of "anything goes" on Wall Street fueled the innovation of exotic but deadly asset-backed securities. It offers forward-looking advice, with practical guidelines for protecting yourself and your company from various forms of fraud that were found to have played a role in the current economic and financial crisis.



Introduction: A Brief History of Fraud in Financial Markets.

• Chapter 1 The Fraud Culture.

• Chapter 2 The Politics of Banking Fraud.

• Chapter 3 Modern Day Financial Services Fraud (1980-2010).

• Chapter 4 Reform, Re-Regulation, and the Persistence of Fraud.

• Chapter 5 The Real Estate Bubble and Bust: The Fraud Factor.

• Chapter 6 The Makings of a Meltdown.

• Chapter 7 Beginning of the End: Death by Derivatives.

• Chapter 8 Can the Circle be Broken?