Consumer Behaviour

Sarmistha Sarma

ISBN: 9789389520002

436 pages

INR 595


Consumer Behaviour as an academic discipline is a culmination of a number of subjects, namely, economics, marketing, anthropology, sociology and psychology. Globally, there are a number of researches carried out on consumer behaviour. The growing significance of consumer behaviour has been well accepted in the academic fraternity and the subject is taught in the postgraduate programmes of Master of Business Administration in various universities. The present book has been designed by keeping in mind all the topics incorporated in the consumer behaviour in various universities.


  • Introduction to Consumer Behaviour
  • Consumer Research
  • Market Segmentation
  • Consumer Motivation
  • Personality and Consumer Behaviour
  • Consumer Perception
  • Consumer Learning
  • Attitude
  • Group Influence and Communication Process
  • Social Class
  • Culture and Family
  • Consumer Influence and Diffusion of Innovation
  • Models of Consumer Behvaiour



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