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Cracking the Code: Programming for Embedded Systems

Dreamtech Software Team

ISBN: 9788126502967

INR 549


This code-intensive guide provides an in depth analysis of the inner workings of embedded software  development for a variety of embedded operating systems including LINUX, NT and Palm OS. It also includes a variety of complete embedded applications with design specifications, flow diagrams and source code with line-by-line explanation. Also includes discussion of the challenges of embedded development such as timing, processor clocks and virtual environment development. The target platforms for embedded software are covered: microcontrollers (16 bit and 32 bit) as well as Digital Signal processors.

· Chapter 1: An Overview of Embedded Software

· Chapter 2: Applications of Embedded Systems

· Chapter 3: Hardware Architectures for Embedded Systems

· Chapter 4: Developing for Embedded Systems

· Chapter 5: Embedded Software Development Environments

· Chapter 6: Serial Communication Programming

· Chapter 7: Development of a Navigation System

· Chapter 8: Embedded Communication Systems

· Chapter 9: Embedded Applications over Mobile Networks

· Chapter 10: Real-Time Embedded Software Development

· Chapter 11: Embedded Database Applications

· Chapter 12: Networked Java-Enabled Information Appliances

· Chapter 13: Mobile Java Applications

· Chapter 14: Software Development in Windows XP Embedded

· Chapter 15: Future Trends in Embedded Systems

· Appendix A: What's on the CD-ROM

· Appendix B: Embedded Software Resources

· Index