Crowdstorm: The Future of Innovation, Ideas and Problem Solving

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• Introduction

• Chapter 1 First, Some Context

• Chapter 2 Intellectual Property, Confidentiality and Brands

• Chapter 3 Ask the Right Question

• Chapter 4 Fair Incentives to Motivate

• Chapter 5 Build the Coalition

• Chapter 6 Recruit the Best Participants

• Chapter 7 Manage Communities to Facilitate Great Outcomes

• Chapter 8 Understand Participant Contributions

• Chapter 9 Reign in the Tyranny of Ideas

• Chapter 10 Choose the Right Online Space

• Chapter 11 Meta

• Acknowledgments

• Notes

• Index


Bastian Unterberg is the founder and CEO of jovoto, a Berlin and NYC based consultancy, with offices in Europe and the U.S. jovoto is considered to be one of the leading co-creation vendors globally. To date, jovoto has brought together and worked with more than 100,000 professionals globally, working with large organizations and NGOs such as Greenpeace and UNICEF and global brands such as PayPal, Nestle, Coca-Cola and T-Mobile.


Shaun Abrahamson is the founder and CEO of mutopo and an Angel investor at Mutopo, Shaun works with organizations to help them benefit from large scale collaboration with experts and customers. Mutopo has established a number of events including the Reworking conference in New York, the Crowdsourcing Conference in Brazil, and the Betacup open innovation challenge.



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