Tourism: Concepts, Theory and Practice: Concepts, Theory and Practice

M.R. Dileep

ISBN: 9789389583229

INR 525


Tourism: Concepts, Theory and Practice deals with all the fundamental aspects of tourism such as, air transport, travel and hospitality disciplines. It gives an insight into the concept of tourism from different perspectives, various types of tourism, travel motivation and demand, industrial elements of tourism, destination and its elements, various organizations functioning in tourism, planning and development of tourism, and its benefits and impacts. Moreover, various aspects of sustainable tourism, ecotourism and responsible tourism are also included.

  • Introduction to Tourism
  • Tourism Classification
  • Tourism Motivation and Demand
  • Tourism Industry
  • Transport and Tourism
  • Tourist Destination
  • Tourism Organizations
  • National Tourism Organisations: India
  • Tourism Planning
  • Benefits of Tourism
  • Impacts of Tourism
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Ecotourism and Responsible Tourism
  • Tourism Marketing
  • Tourism Information Technology
  • Future of tourism
  • Index



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