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Position Title: Instructional Designer

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To provide instructional and program design expertise for the development and support of digital, distance learning and blended learning courses and specialised education programs. Responsible for conducting requirement analysis, identifying the components required for effective implementation of a training program based on requirement analysis, creating the blueprint, development of blended learning and multimedia resources, setting the standards for instructional designing of the resources, and retooling of courses and course segments to electronic delivery methods. Identifying and contracting resources and teams required for efficient and cost-effective solutions for completion of projects within allocated budgets and timelines. Working closely with acquisitions/sales team towards completion of catalog for designated market/sector and as mandated by management, for developing cost-effective, outcome-oriented and robust programs. To search and implement latest technological innovations to support and aid delivery within team processes and systems as approved by management.






  • Adhere to strategic publishing plan for the designated market/sector
  • Conduct and analyse requirement and market research, both formal and internal. Identify and engage resources for development of products for the designated market
  • Identify existing Wiley resources for base content and analyse strategies to re-design or re-purpose them effectively


  • Aid in maximizing sales and profitability and contribute to achievement of long-term and annual revenue objectives for designated market/sector
  • Develop products that meet market needs


  • Aid in meeting market requirement by mining and re-purposing existing Wiley resources



  • Design and develop high-quality cost effective learning solutions by:

- Following industry standard (ADDIE) instructional design practices and integrating effective learning-teaching methodologies

- Conducting need and audience analysis and preparing detailed need-task analysis report

- Preparing clear learning objectives that meet the requirements

- Consulting with SMEs and others to design and develop blueprints for ILT, self-study, CBT or WBT programs that effectively engage the learner

- Designing effective assessment and evaluation strategies which are outcome oriented

- Designing and creating standard templates  for all necessary components of the program, including instructor resources

- Analysing project plan, cost, timelines, scope and resource requirements in consultation with management

- Managing effective documentation to set standards

- Supervising development of required blended learning and multimedia resources for the program and assuring quality standards through consistent review and peer coaching of in-house  team members and external/freelance resources

- Designing and preparing resources for training the trainers programs and assist in the delivery; as appropriate

- Working closely with SME/vendor resources to ensure that project meets planned objectives and timelines


  • Contribute to the development and completion of projects which meet market needs and program objectives, while optimizing profitability in support of operational plans.












  • Proactively research and educate team members as new technologies, learning design practices and learning methodologies evolve, and make effective recommendations that aid strategic planning


  • Participate in the development of business plans for projects outside usual formats in consultation with Publisher and acquisitions/sales team


  • Keep track of market dynamics, and use the knowledge to develop market relevant products



  • Contribute to creating cutting-edge and effective programs that support the strategic plan objectives of the designated market category


  • Aid in expansion of scope of range of products into new business options


  • Aid in creating outcome oriented, robust, cost effective products.



  1. Ability to understand and apply principles of adult learning, instructional taxonomies and learning styles, and various instructional design approaches and processes to learning content
  2. Ability to identify user needs, analyse and logically organize complex information into professionally designed, engaging and effective programs
  3. Effective communication and listening skills, strong graphic design capabilities
  4. Ability to work on multiple and complex projects, strong ability to multi-task and prioritize
  5. Demonstrate adequate people and interpersonal skills to guide and lead in-house teams as well as vendors and teams of authors/SME cohesively towards completion of a project efficiently





Education Level

Graduate/ Post-graduate Degree

Post Graduate/ Doctorate Degree with a degree in Instructional Design

Prior Experience / Industry

3-4 years of experience in a similar role and thorough knowledge of learning styles, learning and training practises, technology aided education

Thorough knowledge of learning styles, learning and training practises, technology aided education

Experience as a facilitator of adult training courses using blended learning methodologies

Required Skills, Knowledge and Characteristics

Detail oriented and analytical

Good communication skills

Detail oriented and analytical

Research oriented

Good communication skills

Technical and Business

Familiarity with various kinds of learning- training methodologies

Experience in developing storyboards, collecting and editing graphics

Familiarity with MS Office, Authoring tools like Captivate, various LMSs, SCORM standards

Familiarity with various kinds of learning- training methodologies

Experience in developing storyboards, collecting and editing graphics;

Familiarity with MS Office, Authoring tools like Captivate, various LMSs, SCORM, Adobe CS4 Suite, Flash, ArticulateStoryboard


Responsive and punctual

Responsive, proactive and punctual

Management and Leadership

Self-disciplined and good management aptitude

Self-disciplined and good management aptitude

Excellent people skills


English, Hindi

English, Hindi and any other regional language

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