Data Analytics using Python

Bharti Motwani

ISBN: 9788126502950

760 pages

INR 769


Data is the fuel of 21st century. The advanced technological development has brought a massive increase in the volume and spectrum of data by including text, image and video data. Data Analytics Using Python aims to make readers understand the applications of analytics in different domains with proper code and explanation. The book starts from basics of Python and gradually increases its level to machine learning. Significant focus has also been laid on deep learning and applications – neural network models like MLP, RNN and CNN; trained models for text and image data and development of chatbots.

Colour Figures


SECTION 1 Programming in Python

Chapter 1 Introduction to Python

Chapter 2 Control Flow Statements

Chapter 3 Data Structures

Chapter 4 Modules


SECTION 2 Core Libraries in Python

Chapter 5 Numpy Library for Arrays

Chapter 6 Pandas Library for Data Processing

Chapter 7 Matplotlib Library for Visualization

Chapter 8 Seaborn Library for Visualization

Chapter 9 SciPy Library for Statistics

Chapter 10 SQLAlchemy Library for SQL

Chapter 11 Statsmodels Library for Time Series Models


SECTION 3 Machine Learning in Python

Chapter 12 Unsupervised Machine Learning Algorithms

Chapter 13 Supervised Machine Learning Problems

Chapter 14 Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms

Chapter 15 Supervised Machine Learning Ensemble Techniques

Chapter 16 Machine Learning for Text Data

Chapter 17 Machine Learning for Image Data


SECTION 4 Deep Learning Applications in Python

Chapter 18 Neural Network Models (Deep Learning)

Chapter 19 Transfer Learning for Text Data

Chapter 20 Transfer Learning for Image Data

Chapter 21 Chatbots with Rasa

Chapter 22 The Road Ahead



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