Data Structures

N.K. Tiwari, Jitendra Agrawal, Shishir K. Shandilya

ISBN: 9789389520033

256 pages

INR 405


Data structure is a way of organizing data in a computer memory so that it can be used efficiently. Data structures can implement one or more particular abstract data types (ADT), which are the means of specifying the nature of operations and their complexity. This book focuses on the design and analysis of basic data structures and their implementation and intends to provide a strong conceptual and empirical understanding of data structures. The contents of this book will help the students to understand that how the data structures are implemented and why these implementations are vital. The initial chapters deal with introductory part of the subject and the later chapters focus on advanced and difficult problems and algorithms.

  • Introduction
  • Array
  • Recursion
  • Stack
  • Queue
  • List
  • Tree
  • Graph theory
  • Sorting & searching tables


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