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Data Structures using C & C++

Rajesh K. Shukla

ISBN: 9788126519972

520 pages

eBook also available for institutional users 

INR 599


Data Structures using C and C++ is designed to serve as a textbook for a single-semester undergraduate course on data structures and algorithms. It provides an insight into the fundamentals of data structures as delineated by the syllabi of various reputed Indian universities. This book introduces the concept of data structures through both the programming languages C and C++ in a very systematic manner under one umbrella with numerous illustrative examples. This book does not assume any basic knowledge of C or C++ on the part of readers; it covers the fundamentals of both the programming languages so it is easy to the student to write programs for different types of data structures.


· Introduction to Data Structures

· Arrays

· Introduction to Structure, Class and Template

· Pointers and Dynamic Memory Management

· Stack and Queues

· Linked List

· Tree

· Graph

· Searching

· Sorting Algorithms

· Files