Advanced Database Management Systems

Dr. Sanjeev Sharma

ISBN: 9789351199380

680 pages

INR 449


There has been rapid growth and development in the field of relational database management systems. This book provides a systematic approach with an in-depth analysis of advanced database areas as well as the basics of database management systems. It explores the different normalization techniques starting from the very basic first normal form and extends up to the sixth normal form. The theme of this book is the potential of new advanced database systems. This book combines advanced techniques with practical advice and many new ideas, methods and examples for database management students, system specialists and programmers.

1. Introduction to DBMS

2. Database System Architecture

3. Relational Database Design

4. Introduction to Query Languages

5. Advanced SQL and PL / SQL

6. Database Implementation and Tools

7. Database System Catalogs

8. Query Compiler

9. Query Processing and Evaluation

10. Transaction Management and Recovery

11. Database Security and Authorization

12. Distributed Database

13. Object-Oriented Database

14. Database and XML

15. Emerging Database Models, Technologies and Applications - I

16. Emerging Database Models, Technologies and Applications - II

Appendix A: Data Warehousing

Appendix B: Data Mining

Appendix C: Data Grid and Its Application

Appendix D: Hashing and Lookup Table




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