Storage Network Management and Retrieval

Vaishali D. Khairnar, Nilima M. Dongre

ISBN: 9788126558667

500 pages

eBook also available for institutional users 

INR 629


This book introduces you to the basic and advance concepts of Storage Network Management and Retrieval. It first gives introduction to storage system and basic components of the storage system network and further covers standard storage like RAID, ISS, SAN, NAS, Storage Virtualisation, Backup and Business Continuity, Information Retrieval. The book explores new technology in Storage Area Networks and Backup. Different types of backup techniques and information retrieval techniques are explored. The book also explains in detail, document and query forms, matching process and text analysis in information retrieval.

Lab sessions on above techniques including Post Lab Assignment are also provided. Student activity which should be performed by the students in lab session is also covered.


1 Introduction to Storage System

1.1 Information: Creation and Access

1.2 Data and Information

1.3 Information Storage with Storage-Oriented Architecture

1.4 Storage Systems

1.5 Data Centre Infrastructure

1.6 Challenges of Managing Information

1.7 Information Lifecycle


2 Basics of Storage System Network

2.1 Components of Storage System

2.2 Basic HDD Elements

2.3 Disk Drive Performance

2.4 Fundamental Laws Governing Disk Performance

2.5 Logical Components of the Host


3 Data Protection

3.1 RAID Implementation

3.2 Software RAID

3.3 Hardware RAID

3.4 RAID Array Components

3.5 RAID Technologies

3.6 RAID Levels

3.7 RAID Impact on Disk Performance

3.8 RAID Level Comparison


4 Intelligent Storage System

4.1 Basic Components of ISS Architecture

4.2 Storage Provisioning

4.3 Types of ISS


5 Storage Network Architecture

5.1 The Physical I/O Path from the CPU to the Storage System

5.2 SCSI

5.3 The Fibre Channel Protocol Stack

5.4 Fibre Channel SAN

5.5 IP Storage

5.6 InfiniBand

5.7 Virtual Interface Architecture (VIA)


6 Network Attached Storage

6.1 Local File System

6.2 Network File Systems and File Servers

6.3 Shared Disk File Systems

6.4 Comparison of Fibre Channel SAN, FCoE SAN, iSCSI SAN and NAS


7 Storage Virtualisation

7.1 Virtualisation in Input/Output Path

7.2 Limitations and Requirements

7.3 Definition of Storage Virtualisation

7.4 Implementation

7.5 Storage Virtualisation on Block or File Level

7.6 Storage Virtualisation on Various Levels of the Storage Network

7.7 Symmetric and Asymmetric Virtualisation


8 Storage Network Backup and Recovery

8.1 Introduction to Business Continuity

8.2 General Conditions for Backup

8.3 Backup Considerations

8.4 Backup Granularity

8.5 Network Backup Services

8.6 Backup Clients

8.7 Performance Bottlenecks of Network Backup

8.8 Backup File Systems

8.9 Next Generation Backup

8.10 Backup of Databases


9 Information Retrieval in Storage Network

9.1 Overview

9.2 Data and Information

9.3 Abstraction

9.4 Information System

9.5 Measures

9.5 From Data to Wisdom


10 Document and Query Forms

10.1 Document Concept

10.2 Data Structures in Large

10.3 Document Surrogates

10.4 Vocabulary Control

10.5 Fine Structure of Data

10.6 Data Compression

10.7 Text Documents

10.8 Images and Sound

10.9 Query Structures


11 The Matching Process

11.1 Relevance and Similarity Measures

11.2 Boolean-Based Matching

11.3 Vector-Based Matching

11.4 Missing Terms and Term Relationships

11.5 Probabilistic Matching

11.6 Fuzzy Matching

11.7 Proximity Matching

11.8 Effects of Weighting

11.9 Effects of Scaling

11.10 Data Fusion

11.11 User-Centred View

12 Text Analysis

12.1 Indexing

12.2 Matrix Representation

12.3 Term Extraction and Analysis

12.4 Term Association

12.5 Stemming

12.6 Multilingual Retrieval Systems



Key Terms

Multiple Choice Questions

Descriptive Questions

Review Questions


Appendix: Student Activity

Experiment No. 1

Experiment No. 2

Experiment No. 3

Experiment No. 4

Experiment No. 5

Experiment No. 6

Experiment No. 7

Experiment No. 8

Experiment No. 9

Experiment No. 10




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