Developing an Ionic Edge: HTML5 Cross Platform Hybrid Apps

Robin Van Baalen, Alan Levicki, Keith D. Moore, Diego Netto, Anton Shevchenko

ISBN: 9789386052759

160 pages

INR 799


This book covers the process of starting, developing and customizing a mobile application built with the Ionic framework and AngularJS. This book starts with covering some essential productivity tools such as the Ionic CLI. This book will dive you into the development of Trendicity, the mobile application developed to demonstrate as much of Ionic’s features as possible. In this book has discussed how you can use the browser’s local storage to store collections of data to allow users to save their favorite locations.


  1. Introduction
  2. Development environment, tooling, and workflow
  3. Trendicity
  4. Designing the application
  5. Implementing a side menu and setting up the routes
  6. Integrating a map view with Ionic
  7. Authentication
  8. Instagram Service
  9. What’s next?



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