Digital Multimedia, 3ed

Nigel Chapman, Jenny Chapman

ISBN: 9788126576517

736 pages

INR 899


Designed as the foundation text in multimedia, this comprehensive resource covers basic principles of each media type - text, graphics, audio, animation and video - describing their digitization and progressing onto issues that arise when media are combined. This edition includes completely revised and re-written pedagogy which takes account of substantial instructor feedback, as well as market research and development on other Chapman titles. There is also a web/Flash emphasis and proper coverage of MPEG4 and DVD in line with current technology trends.


1 Introduction.

2 Fundamentals.

3 Vector Graphics.

4 Bitmapped Images.

5 Colour.

6 Video.

7 Animation.

8 Sound.

9 Text and Typography.

10 Hypermedia.

11 Design Principles.

12 Interactivity.

13 Accessibility.

14 Scripting.

15 XML and Multimedia.

16 Multimedia and Networks.

Appendix: Standards.