Discrete Mathematics: Mathematical Reasoning and Proof with Puzzles, Patterns, and Games

Douglas E. Ensley, J. Winston Crawley

ISBN: 9788126574384

704 pages

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INR 1465


Based on the ACM guidelines, Discrete Math will help readers master and apply the central topics of discrete math. As they progress through the early chapters, they'll quickly learn how to think and write about mathematics. The book then explores abstract mathematics, providing a detailed look at sets and functions. Readers will also find in-depth discussions on probabilities and their applications to games of chance. And they'll discover the basic techniques of graph theory and how to apply them using puzzles and games.

1. Puzzles, Patterns, and Mathematical Language.

2. A Primer of Mathematical Writing.

3. Sets and Boolean Algebra.

4. Functions and Relations.

5. Combinatorics.

6. Probability.

7. Graphs and Trees.

Appendix A: Rules of the Game.

Appendix B: Matrices and Their Operations.

Selected Answers and Hints.

References and Further Reading.