Computer Networks, As per CE, IT and ICT-B.E 4th Semester Syllabus

Mahendra Mehra

ISBN: 9789351197560

432 pages

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The Computer Networks book helps you to understand the basic concepts of a computer network and how data communication is performed by using a computer network. The book concentrates on the OSI reference model, including the major issues and related protocols studies in the various layers of the OSI model, such as physical, data link, network, transport, session, presentation, and application. Moreover, the book provides a fundamental knowledge of the various aspects of computer networking and is designed from the engineering perspective.


Chapter 1: Introduction to Computer Networks and Internet
1.1 Computer Networks
1.2 Internet
1.3 Network Edge
1.4 Network Core
1.5 Access Networks
1.6 Transmission Media
1.7 Delay, Loss and Throughput in a Packet-Switched Network
1.8 Protocol Layers and Their Service Models
1.9 History of Computer Network

Chapter 2: The Application Layer
2.1 Principles of Computer Applications
2.2 Understanding the Concept of the World Wide Web
2.3 Understanding the Electronic
2.4 Understanding the Domain Name System
2.5 Exploring Socket Programming

Chapter 3: The Transport Layer
3.1 Transport Service and Services Provided to the Upper Layers
3.2 Transport Service Primitives
3.3 Elements of Transport Protocols
3.4 Exploring the user Datagram Protocol
3.5 Principle of Reliable Data Transfer
3.6 Transmission Control Protocol
3.7 Understanding the TCP Connection
3.8 Difference between TCP and UDP Protocols
3.9 Congestion Control

Chapter 4: The Network Layer
4.1 Network Layer Design Issues
4.2 Virtual Circuit Network
4.3 Datagram Network
4.4 Comparison of Virtual Circuit Networks and Datagram Networks
4.5 Exploring Routers
4.6 Routing Algorithms
4.7 Difference between Distance Vector Routing and Link State Routing
4.8 Congestion Control Algorithm
4.9 Internet Protocol (IP)
4.10 Comparison between IPv4 and
4.11 Internet Control Protocols

Chapter 5: The Link Layer and Local Area Networks
5.1 Data Link Layer Functions
5.2 Defining Error Detection and Correction
5.3 Multiple Access Protocols
5.4 LAN Addressing
5.5 Wired LAN: Ethernet
5.6 Connecting LANs

Key Terms
Review Questions
True or False
Multiple Choice Questions
Short Answer Questions
Lab 1: Solving the Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) with Optimal and Shortest Routing Algorithm
Lab 2: Compatibility issues between IPv6 and IPv4
Lab 3: Wired Network Convergence with Wireless Network