Employee Engagement (Paper Back)

Debashish Sengupta

ISBN: 9788177229134

232 pages

INR 499


This book on ‘Employee Engagement’, that encompasses eight chapters and eight business cases, is an attempt to bring out various facets of engaging the most valuable resource in the organization from practical and application point of view. Engagement’s relationship with profitability of the enterprise, gender inequalities in engagement, creation of value-proposition for employees, changing workplace and changing workforce & their expectations especially that of the millennial generation or Gen Y, the service-marketing-mix approach in engaging people, the extended honeymoon model, measurement of engagement and benchmarking practices are some of the issues that have been discussed in the eight chapters.

·    Demystifying Employee Engagement
·    Inequalities in Gender Engagement at Workplaces
·    Building Blocks of Engagement
·    Life @ Work
·    Lens of the Service Marketer
·    The Extended Honeymoon
·    Measuring Engagement
·    Best Practices and Benchmarking in Employee Engagement

Case 1: Taj Hotels: Pioneers in Engagement
Case 2: Titan’s Turnaround using engagement as a cornerstone of its strategy
Case 3: Tata Consultancy Services Engagement through Performance - based Learning Culture
Case 4: Engaging Employees the OliverWymanWay
Case 5: Who let the baby out?
Case 6: Google - Ideas above Hierarchy
Case 7: Bharti Airtel: The Engagement Tone
Case 8: Titan’s Employee Engagement - Survey Findings based on Gallup