Basic Electronics Communication and Information Engineering

B. Somanathan Nair, S.R. Deepa, Shaun R. Gomez

ISBN: 9789389976427

INR 505


This book deals with topics in Electronics, Communication, and Information Engineering. It is intended to cater to the needs of the first-year students of all branches of Engineering and Applied Sciences. The text contains around 400 figures and diagrams, 80 solved problems and more than 700 short questions and review questions with answers


  • Semiconductor diodes, rectifiers, and Zener diodes.
  • Bipolar junction transistors, DC and AC load lines pertaining to transistor amplifiers.
  • Junction and MOS field-effect transistors.
  • RC-coupled amplifiers, biasing techniques and stability analysis, principles of power amplifiers.
  • General principles of oscillations and oscillators, working of the Wien-bridge, RC phase-shift, Hartley, Colpitts, and crystal oscillators.
  • Opamps and their applications.
  • Basic digital gates such as AND, OR, and NOT, combinational and sequential logic circuits, and logic families such as TTL and CMOS.
  • IC fabrication techniques.
  • Analog and digital instruments, theory of basic electronic instruments, transducers, function generators and oscilloscopes.
  • Amplitude, frequency, and phase modulation schemes; and block-diagram descriptions of AM, FM, and PM transmitters and receivers.
  • Colour television, CCTV, CATV, DTH, and HDTV; LCD and plasma-display units, MP-3 audio-recording technique.
  • Radar and navigational aids such as radar beacons and LORAN.
  • Satellite communication, modern satellite navigational system of GPS.
  • Optical communication using fibre-optic cables, LEDs and ILDs; PN photodiodes, PIN photodiodes, and APDs.
  • Digital computers and microprocessors, low-level and high-level computer languages, OMR and OCR.
  • Digital data transmission, PCM transmitter and receiver; ASK, PSK, and FSK, and elementary treatment on error correction and detection.
  • Mobile cellular telephony, GSM and CDMA, WLL and GPRS.
  • Principles of the Internet, the Internet protocols, DNS, circuit and packet switching techniques, LAN, MAN, WAN, WWW, internetwork devices, and Internet security.



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